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Placement Service Testimonial


From the UK – Now studying medicine in Georgia

“They made everything easy for me, their fees were very reasonable and I felt like they were always there when I had questions. I would definitely recommend them based on my experience.”

Placement Service Testimonial


From the UK – Now studying medicine in the Czech Republic

"Through this pre-med course I was able to qualify myself for my entrance exams. You won't belive how much you will learn in 5 months. You have an exam every week which is very good way of learning."

Placement Service Testimonial


From the UK – Now studying medicine in Bulgaria

“When I decided to study medicine in Europe, I wanted someone to physically be there to support me with the preparation for the entrance exams and application process, so that I could get into medical school. So yes I do recommend this academy.”

Placement Service Testimonial


From the UK – Now studying medicine in Italy

“The lectures themselves are really good. You cover a lot of material in every class but the style of teaching is very interactive and everyone gets involved, so its a really good way to learn.”

Placement Service Testimonial


From the UK – Now studying medicine in the Ukraine

“It was a quick and really, really easy process. I could not recommend this service any more to anyone.”

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